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Great speakers aren't BORN, they're MADE!
Let’s face facts. NONE of us are born with the ability to speak, so NONE of us could possibly be born great speakers. It’s simply a matter of learning the 15 tools that are
necessary to BECOME a great speaker!
That's right! Master our 
FIFTEEN presentational tools and you're on your way to a more prosperous and profitable future!

Find that hard to believe? So did a LOT of our clients and students. But here's what they said AFTER they worked with us...

'Your advice and guidance were the best I've received in twenty years of public speaking -- you taught this old dog some new tricks! I'm a fan for life! Thanks for the great pointers -- I thought I knew it all (hah!), but you taught me some great new ideas.'
John D. Kemp, Executive Director United Cerebral Palsy Associations

Forget all that stale old nonsense you learned in college, and all those ridiculous old wives’ tales, like “imagine your audience naked.” None of that will help you become a great speaker. What WILL help you is to learn and then master the key 15 presentational tools that NO ONE teaches except US.

Your Two-Day American Speaker Crash Course will teach you more in the first 15 minutes than most workshops teach all day. And we have the testimonials to prove it!

"Thank you so much for the great training. That is the best training I ever had. It provides a powerful tool for me to reach a higher level. Best wishes to you and your program."
Li Xu
 Sr. Manager, K12 Inc. 

People's lives CHANGE for the better after they've attended an American Speaker Crash Course! Yours can, too!

Forget all that stale old nonsense you learned in college, and all those ridiculous old wives’ tales, like “imagine your audience naked.” None of that will help you become a great speaker.

What WILL help you is to learn and then master the key FIFTEEN presentational tools that NO ONE teaches except US at our Two-Day American Speaker Crash Course!

Next Workshop, May 14-15
 in Atlanta, GA

Sounds TOO EASY, Right?
Well, consider this...

Many people called President Ronald Reagan the “Great Communicator.” Yet by Hollywood standards, he was only a “B” actor. How could that be? 

Simply put, it’s because a full presentational toolbox has about 60 or so tools in it, and he only learned about half of them during his studio days. But the fifteen tools he MASTERED are the ones that are necessary to be a GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKER. 
THAT'S why he became known as the GREAT COMMUNICATOR.
Most modern speakers haven’t even mastered a FRACTION of those!

Still not convinced? Here's a few more testimonials that might help you decide...

I cannot thank you enough for your expert guidance... People were amazed at how professional and relaxed I seemed. I credit it all to you. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again!
Kerry Healey, President of Babson College
I will be forever changed, the way I present myself to an audience. Thank you! Very well presented in the logical format - I committed the format to memory EASILY. Best insight into my personal speaking methods I have ever had. The speakers were both amazing, truly professional, courteous and talented!'

Jane McLeod
Co-Founder, Capstone Leadership


Ready to start your journey towards becoming a great speaker?
Stop wishing you could be a better public speaker, AND START BEING ONE!

All you need is to do is attend our American Speaker Crash Course and learn the FIFTEEN advanced presentational tools that ALL GREAT SPEAKERS KNOW.

Next Workshop, May 14-15
 in Atlanta, GA

Start thinking about what you'd pay to learn the skills that will change your life for the better. 
$10,000, $5,000? 
It would be worth it, BUT
Just wait till you see just how affordable our Two-Day Crash Course can be! 

Imagine where your life will take you once you've mastered the art of presentation. Whether you’re looking to create a better sales pitch, convince your employees to strive for new production records, help your fellow managers wrangle a new system, persuade your boss you deserve a raise or that promotion, inspire the masses to change the world, whatever the purpose of your presentation, it can all begin, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, with an American Speaker Crash Course.

Next Workshop, May 14-15
 in Atlanta, GA

Still not convinced you can get all that from a Two-Day Course? Think again!

"Excellent program. I have been to several programs on "Public Speaking" - this one is by which all should be measured."
Kristofer Nyden, 1st Global, Dallas, TX

"Extremely well qualified. Best I have seen. Truly enjoyed."
Steven McManus, COO/CFO, Armed Forces Retirement Home 

Are you there yet? Have you decided it's time to change your life for the better?
What are you willing to pay for it? $5000? $2500? Still not there yet?

Join the thousands of others who have made the proclamation,

So, you’re tired of sitting through yet another boring tedious, PowerPoint-laden presentation. You’re not alone! According to a recent study, 66% of executives would rather GO TO THE DENTIST than sit through yet another boring PowerPoint presentation. 
Don’t be that person! 

Be the one speaker in your crowd that people can’t wait to see! Be the Steve Jobs of your company! Be the Clarence Darrow of your law firm! Be the Ronald Reagan of your political party! Find out what they knew, what only GREAT speakers know, by learning the fifteen advanced speaking tools at our next American Speaker Two-Day CRASH COURSE. 

Next Workshop, May 14-15
 in Atlanta, GA

EVERYONE will be astonished at the NEW YOU at your next presentation!
Don’t take just our word for it, here’s some more testimonials attesting to how earth-shaking this training can be!

"The speakers were prepared, well informed and able to answer all questions... Wow-I am very analytical and I can not tell you how wonderful it is to have steps/tools/techniques/rules to better my presentation skills. The tools...changed my style-a necessary change that I am sure will advance my career. Absolutely wonderful, I cannot thank you enough!"
Ann Nolan, Associate General Counsel, IEXX Laboratories 

"Great concepts to think about presenting in a different way. A really useful framework for working. Really helpful tips and approaches. Very useful. Fantastic practical applications."
Anonymous Feedback Card, April 28-19,2011, Washington, DC 

Are you there yet? So what's it going to take? Would you pay $2000 to get what all these folks have said was a life-altering experience for the better?

How about one more to help convince you...

"Excellent! Outstanding! Jeanette and Roy are by far the very best speaker trainers in the universe! I would highly recommend the American Speaker Training Camp to anyone who who wishes to enhance their speaking skills. I learned more than I thought possible in 2 days. I feel as if I have been launched forwad and envision a future as a better and better speaker. Thank you!!"
Glenn Ford, VP for Finance and Administration/CFO, Linfield College, OR 

So, just who are Jeanette and Roy? Here's a little bio on each of them.

 World renown for our original, highly motivational and inspirational methods, our American Speaker Training Programs are some of the most sought-after Workshops ever offered.
Jeanette Henderson
Mrs. Henderson's more than 35 years of communications education and experience includes a degree in communications, and as a "personality", writer and producer and director of numerous radio, television, and theatrical productions. She is a published writer, and political commentator, and regular guest on numerous TV and radio broadcasts. She is the primary facilitator for Day One of every Two Day Training Workshop, while Roy provides the gentle, nurturing coaching on Day Two.
Mr. Henderson has over six decades of experience in the art of presentation and the study of audience psychology, beginning with Baccalaureate degrees in Drama, Psychology and Acting from the University of London and the Central School of Speech and Drama. As an actor, director and alumnus of the prestigious Royal Shakespeare Company, he has created, directed, performed and advised presentations of all kinds on five continents. His career with the RSC culminated in a command performance in the title role of "Henry VIII" for Queen Elizabether II and the Royal Family at Windsor Castle during her Silver Jubilee Celebration. He still keeps his hand in theatre, occasionally offering "The Legacy of Galileo," a one-man show that runs well over two very compelling hours!
Okay, so now you know who your Workshop Leaders will be. You've heard from a whole lot of people who were thrilled at what they learned in our Two-Day Crash Course. You've had time to figure out just how much this training will benefit you, and improve your future prosperity and profitability. Have you figured out how much you'd be willing to pay for that?  

Would just $1,499 be too much to ask for all that?
Are you there yet? 

Next Workshop, May 14-15
 in Atlanta, GA

Register HERE NOW!!

Dates not working for you?
and we'll keep you apprised of future dates and locations as they arise (we may be coming to a city near you!) 

We don't do these often, so be sure to let us know of your interest, and we'll keep in touch to let you know about the next one! PLUS you'll be one of the first to know about any special pricing, discounts and even 2-for-1 specials that occasionally comes along!

You're only as good as your LAST presentation. Was it good enough?The next one could be!!
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